images3Recently in Lagos, the convoy of a naval officer, maltreated a young lady to the full glare of the public, these naval officers took laws into their hands and dealt cruely with a helpless woman, because she refused to clear from the road as the naval chief drop by with blaring siren. This constitutes a breach of fundamental human right and disrespect for humanity.

This goes to show that there is no law in Nigeria, or that these guys were above the law. How on earth would a human torture another human so inhumanely and expect the public to adore them. But unfortunately due to the blessing of the internet, this act has been viewed by over 2 million people since it happened, it has gone round the world, if you haven’t seen it well your lucky day….visit

This has brought Nigeria to the fore front of public view in a negative light, how do we defend that things work in Nigeria, where is the human right that they preach, this is more or less the military junta, where you can’t stand up and air your view, where you live in fear of being killed. I weep for Nigeria.

But alas there are a few people who believe in democracy, some NGO’s in Lagos have taken this case so seriously and organized a press conference, Nike Adeyemi and another colleague in the NGO sector, are advocating for women liberation. The Government of Lagos state has banned the use of siren by Governors and any Government official in Lagos, this shows that he clearly doesn’t patronize the act of the naval aides, Senate has initiated probe into the matter and we hope that this time the rear admiral would be brought to book……yeah rear admiral..he is a high ranking officer and didn’t speak up which directly means that he encouraged it, the aides dragged the lady to his apartment after beating her with horse whip and stripping her to the audience of the public. (check the video)

This has taught me a lesson that for one thing, no matter what you are doing, there are people watching you, and while you might just want o exhibit your minute madness, the internet might just be your apartment of shame.

Also on a positive side, Adams Oshiomole of Action Congress (AC) has been declared winner of Edo state after a series of election tribunal, he finally told us that Democracy is here to stay, or is it only in the judiciary sector?…….please lets welcome democracy with wide arms and save the innocent citizens.

I don’t know what you see, but I see possibilities. I see the possibility of steering change, of making a difference. The stage is set for the emergence of true values. Let’s take responsibility and make a difference.


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2 responses to “IS THIS DEMOCRACY?

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  2. transpareny

    there can never be a coperation btw d gov. and citizen,since the clause sovereighty is said 2 resid with the people but through the imposition of a president on nigeria ,a president who never merit the course of been a leader rather through the manipulation of obasanjo and his cohort they imposed a very sick president on us.infact i believe that 9ja nogo beta

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