OBAMA……Mission accomplished.

Today, history is made, after years of racism, years of intentional torture; Obama becomes the first black man to rule America….sorry the world. Today as I watch the breaking news on cable, Obama wins the world.

I get cold chills run down my spine; I feel the rush of joy overwhelm me, the first black man to sit in the oval office, the 44th president of America. Today the dream of martin Luther king Junior has been fulfilled, he would have smiled down in the grave, finally slaves have become kings, and peasants are counted among world leaders.

Obama has made record making headlines and front pages and all the breaking news, and McCain stood down, the underdog could not make the most talked about come back, throughout the campaign period I have never heard him talk so humbled as he did this morning in the concession speech, he was so calm and collected that his supporters booed him at a point. From his words;

“This is a historic election, I recognize the significance it has for African American. I wish to congratulate a man who is my former opponent and now my president

Now the dream is born, now the uncertainty prevails amongst us, now anything is possible, black is now the new white, black is the future, Obama is the number 1 sold out brand in the world, celebrities came out to congratulate the new president.

What this shows me is that in life nothing is impossible, with his now popular phrase “yes we can”, he has made history, nothing cannot be done, if you set your mind to doing it, you can get it done, Obama has set record in every direction, this election was the most publicized election in the world, with regular viewership of over 10 million daily, his campaign raised the highest amount in history for rallies and advert, he was the first to give an info commercial lasting over 30 minutes in over 10 channels simultaneously, catching a viewership of over 35million at a time.

Obama during his campaign raised over 35 million dollars monthly from his website, a record never made. Obama suffered a setback just yesterday as he lost his grandmother to cancer on the eve of the election, he made a landslide victory. His policies gave him an edge over his opponent.

Now the journey begins, one thing we must note is that a miracle would not happen overnight, he pleaded with them not to get all carried away by the fact that his change would be soon, he has asked them to join him and is willing to listen to them even at times when they disagree, Obama has given us hope.

A president Obama, with his strong message of change, hope and unity, will herald a new era in US politics, bring a more multilateral approach to the world’s challenges, and perhaps transform the issue of race in America. He has pledged to tackle the global financial crisis from day one, end the war in Iraq and unveil an ambitious energy plan to tackle climate change.

When he addressed the victory rally he told the cheering crowd; “if there is anyone out there who still doubts that America is a place where all things are possible, who still wonders if the dream of our founders is alive in our time, who still questions the power of our democracy, here is your answer.”

Obama is the answer, he is the new face of the future, all hail Obama,

President of the world…..Mission accomplished.


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6 responses to “OBAMA……Mission accomplished.

  1. emorevoke

    A real light , choosen by God. He makes kings and He made Obama.

    Nice one

  2. Derem

    I don’t think you should be too proud, proud that a black man is president, yes, but not proud that he is just a puppet president for the coming one-world government. You see, they chose him because he was black! This is a smoke-screen to take the public’s mind off of what he will accomplish for the one-world agenda. Yes, they fooled black people by making them and the rest of the world think that a black man actually became president of the United States. Is he capable on his own, absolutely! But, he is working for the ones who run the world, not you and me. There’s no difference between him and Bush, they both did and are doing their part to promote the one-world government. You see this little political game is out front to fool us and to hide what’s really happening! Be prepared to lose your freedoms for the sake of the one-world government! Have you read the book of Revelation in the Holy Bible, it speaks of the mark? Go to You Tube and watch the Obama Deception. Watch some videos on 911truth.org. Have you ever heard of the Bilderberg group? The real King is coming soon!

    • Hello Derem,
      Thanks a lot for visiting my blog, I really appreciate your comment, and respect your opinion, please not that anything I write here is totally my view and feelings.

      The guys that put up the Bilderberg group have their beliefs, and there is no credibility to it, Just celebrate happenings and leave the unknown to unfold as we go on, Obama is world power accept that fact.

      Thanks again

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