I got home today, ready to rest the brain from a hard days job, I actually traveled to Delta state, to seal a deal with some officials of the Delta state Government, It was exactly 10pm and and I had it in mind to watch my sport channel and eat fries, but something caught my eyes on Hi Mix, I saw a group of man on top of the Manhattan bridge, New York, trying to fix a bad lamp.

They climbed over 3,244 feet to achieve this, they hold on to just steel cables all the way up,but they had to do this in order to change only one electric lamb,This stood me up and immediately I threw away my intention to watch soccer and see this documentary.

The bridge had a difficult beginning in the 1870’s as the original designer died of an accident before the construction started, twenty people died during the construction of the bridge, but it was officially opened to the public in 1883, and it is the longest bridge of its kind in the world since no such bridge has ever been built. In 1884 a herd of 21 elephants were walked across the bridge to prove its strength.

For a bridge that took them this long to build and the sacrifices made, they have to do all it takes to keep it intact and retain its beauty. The risk involved to fix this lamp.

In life we should be willing to go the extra mile in order to keep the glory of our sweat intact, I was faced with a little challenge with my sister over issues with her boss, but I found out that no matter what I say or do, I still have to climb so high to fix the lamp, cos the beauty of it would be my pride, what are you facing today that you feel like backing out or giving up? You need to see far beyond the inconveniences and nurture the feeling you would get if the lamp is fixed. Even in the midst of my discomfort due to some issues, I am still ready to fix the lamp and maintain the beauty of the bridge.

Please don’t give up, giving up is not an option, every challenge ultimately gives up to those who are obstinate about their purpose. The question, is the reason for the answer, to ask nothing is to have nothing. What question is life throwing at you? the answer would surface if you stick to it.

God help us.


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4 responses to “FIX IT.

  1. the little extra we put in fixing it, is what makes it extraordinary and what makes it make the news… so if you want to make the news… (fill in the gap)

  2. nice concise blog! What the fixing of this lamp tells me can be modified to read “He that is found faithful in little things shall be master of big things”!

  3. damilola

    Well delivered bro!u sure know how to set the ball rolling.Thanx

  4. Joseph

    @ felix…..well said…
    @Toyin….. thanks
    @Damilola……thnaks and how are you..

    If we can fix it now. then we are there.

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