Most times in life, we meet with what we never bargain for, unrest hits the forest when all of a sudden the sound of a mighty tree falling is heard, the others are reminded that the lumberer is around and the fate would soon be vested on them. The horrors of life sometimes remind us that things never really work out as we planned and the only saving grace is to secure a covenant with the lord especially in blood.

Yesterday I heard a story of a man who has been married for the past 6 years and all these years he lived in peace, never having a quarrel or better still settled with his wife almost immediately, they had a bunch of happy kids and enjoyed life to the height.

Until they had a tiny issue about their kids welfare which she was responsible for, and it began the tear down, they hardly talked at home, they get to the office usually they call themselves, but that stopped, well it didn’t, she never picked his call. He tried to take responsibility for her actions but guess it was feed up time for her, she is slowly tearing the marriage, never taking into consideration the effect on the children.

Today the result is a broken home, a torn wife and an unproductive man, his first son was shot recently by the police for his involvement in armed robbery, this is exactly what happens when you destroy something you build over time with just a little mistake.

Most of us have an unforgiven spirit, no matter what happens we never look back, if only we knew what was in for us.

Remember that the only secure way to happiness forever is to life in covenant with the lord, sow your life to him, disregard anything else and submit to his divine love, what would have happened if the couple were in covenant with the lord,……well they were but they disrespected it and now it destroyed them.

Look for the sound of the heavy tree falling and know if the woes of the lumberer would befall you.

Look for a quiet time with the lord and do his will.

God bless.

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