OOppps,…what a topic, well I just felt  I should go on a different trip and write something from a different angle, breakups in relationship, how am going about this when I have not witnessed it,. but I have a little inside knowledge about these things and I have read a little on the topic.

well most people suffer so much in their relationship but they remain in it for the sake of being in a relationship, I was talking with a lady this morning and she told me how she has been suffering in her relationship, she has not known peace, the guy treats her like she does not mean anything to him, but she is still there, she was talking and before she knew it she was in tears, I was so surprised that she was crying but she is still in it…..they guy actually called her and told her that he has a new girlfriend and she should not call him again…this says a lot for a girl who has been in a relationship for over 2 years and has since been receiving this kind of treatment. I told her that she knows exactly what to do but she is not doing it, would you rather die in misery than step out and never look back……. but my story is about the “SHE” in the relationship.

Most girls act very strange these days and I was reading an article from yahoo about ladies and their unhealthy habits, I culled out 3 ways you can easily know when your girlfriend is cheating on you.

1-Revived interest in appearance- if your partner suddenly undergoes a makeup of sort, in which she spends more time on her appearance, it could mean that she is trying to impress someone new.if she all of a sudden ditches her old tops and jeans for something more stylish, it might be she is trying to look her best for the new guy.

2-Missing in action-if there are large periods in which your partner is missing or unaccounted for, it could be because there are mischievous motives for her AWOL behaviour. whether it is a run to the corner store that takes her time or whether she is constantly hanging out with her friends, a missing girlfriend could mean something else.

3-Mysterious phone calls and text- if you notice mysterious text messages and calls, or she tries to hide the phone from you preventing you from reading her text messages, then be rest assured that there is something cooking, also if she spends more time on the internet……hmmmm    watch out.

So the best way to know if your girlfriend is cheating is to communicate openly and honestly with her share your feeling regarding the issue and try to discuss the issue before you worry yourself out. Things are not always what they seem.

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  1. la4la1

    Hmmmn!about the internet am not so sure bt then you never can tell,hope you do something about the guys

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