Many people live in pain all in the name of relationship, they get the worse of all treatment in life under the umbrella of being in a relationship, I tell a story of a friend who was going out with one of the most famous chick on campus, they had all going well for them on the outside, they looked so compatible and everyone admired them, they were the toast of the campus, if you didn’t know them, you are not a socialite.

One day I was going visiting, and I passed through a hostel and his room was the first on the block, I heard someone sobbing and lamenting, the so highly placed couple had a fight apparently the lady found out that she had contacted a disease, the guy was a terrible flirt since he is tall, dark and handsome, and could get away with whatever he does, he had a fleet of chicks and indulged in unprotected sex, the lady was HIV positive.

She was telling him about the result of the test she took, the lady is crying now but then she had a chance to choose who to go out with but because she was carried away by the guys looks, she stayed and enjoyed the complement from people that admired them. Most people nowadays are carried away by the packaging and they ignore the content, what is the use of a neatly painted car when the engine is faulty? What’s in it for you to go out with a guy or girl when you can’t have peace of mind, when you get cheers in public and you cry your eyes out indoors? Many people prefer to receive praises of the beauty on the outside, they suffer humiliation inside, meanwhile there is someone out there who really loves you and would do anything within his powers to satisfy you but since the packaging is not so attractive, we ignore them knowing full well that the content matters a lot.

Where would you rather be? Smiling outside and crying inside or the opposite. This doesn’t mean that you should not look out for beauty when deciding what to do, this takes us to another tale of a girl that broke out of a relationship with a guy with all the excellent packaging, when she found out that she could be happy with just a good looking man that has a lot of content she found peace and now they are married.

Spare yourself the headache and get a life….if you can just look deep down inside the package, you would see what’s in it for you.


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2 responses to “PACKAGING

  1. damilola

    yeah! dats true,though its moften not easy to walk away but a babe is got 2 do wat a babae got 2 do:at least for her peace of mind.

  2. Hmmm…..Chukwuekwu, nice one. Content vs Container. I don’t even believe there is anyone who’s not good looking. It’s all about packaging like you said. The content is core and set, very hard to change, but the container is very easy to change.

    We have tons of examples of people whose content placed them far above their contemporaries. Time always tells….

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