We live in a world where people no longer wait to see the end result of something especially when it is a long term thing, we live in the NOW era, we want everything now, people don’t have the patience that existed before that is why most of them fall prey to money launderers, people want to invest N10,000 and expect to get N100,000 tomorrow, I remember a seminar I attended where we were taught the necessity for long term investment, they taught us that the wonder banks did well to rip Nigerians off their money because of the sin of impatience, they know that to make money…good money, you have to be able to endure and wait long term for big return on investment.

People believe that since we are in the jet age, things are unusually fast and with the speed you can make fortune, most of these people committed millions into some of the Multi level marketing deals and did not get their quick cash out, they invested even borrowed funds and still got stuck, most of them believed the MLM program was an investment where you put in money and get more, they ignored the rules of the game.

There are so many investments now that you would like and would give you good ROI, but I must say that you would need knowledge of long term benefits, the need for compound interest…….imagine how much you would make in 20 years if you save N10 daily. That is what you stand to gain if you invest now and view long term. Areas where this would really work is investing in real estate, stocks (regardless of the fact that the stock market is bearish), you can buy now when prices are near its bottom price. I always preach the need to buy now as It is certain the stock would always go up and make profit, those that bought at times like this are millionaires, you too can join the train. Never be enticed by fast wealth, no clean wealth comes cheap, there are laid down principles, don’t join the bandwagon that promised quick wealth, don’t be deceived by wonder banks, invest in areas where you would be guaranteed ROI.

Join the fast track by clear means; ensure you know enough about any investment before you venture into it. There are different avenues to make wealth, New Nigeria club offers you plots of land in prime estate at good discount and flexible payment plan, you can invest now.

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  1. damilola

    You could do well by suggesting some of these areas we need to capitalize on.great job!

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