Look into the mirror and tell me what you see…….

What you see today is a miniature of what you would be, where you are now is a small picture of where you would be and what you do now would show and tell where you are going. Most people take their today jokingly, they waste their time on irrelevant things and wish they had the luxury of time and could dictate it.

Your today is as a result of what you did yesterday, how you laid your bed, planning is the key to a good life, what you want for yourself, what have you decided to do with your time. What would you be remembered for?

I tell a story of a man who all he sees for himself is failure, he never sees a good thing for himself, he is always thinking of being bullied in the office by his colleagues, and that is exactly what he gets, he is the topic of discussion in the office and suffers insults, he sees himself daily as an object of insult and since he sees it, he gets it. On his way from work he knows that he would be bullied by passersby and this is what he gets daily, he knows nothing good can come his way, so he gets the worse things in life. Then one day he told himself that enough is enough, he decides within himself that he would never be a victim of humiliation, he redirects his thoughts and from that day on all the people that bullied him either left his office, or moved away from his neighborhood.

He saw himself from a different view and he got a different treatment in life, the way you see yourself matters a lot, if you see yourself as a no good, then you would never get the good, always see a big picture no matter what or where you are, also learn to believe in yourself and never be discouraged by the present state of things, know that where you are now is the smallest you can ever be, learn to take advantage of information that would benefit you, move with people that have a proper exposed mindset, read books that would develop you intellectually, and see a different picture of yourself….

Set your sails and live your dream.

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One response to “HOW YOU SEE YOURSELF.

  1. Philip Brown

    This is a very interesting piece, I feel so fulfilled reading it, now I know if I dont see myself in a different light, then I would never get there.

    Thanks pal..

    Good job

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