NSE- update

The Nigeria stock market is still bearish, and major stocks are depreciating, the agony increases and investors are stranded with decisions, what would they do next, how would they make the profit they envisaged and how would they retain their confidence in the stock market? For about 2 months now, it has been an investors nightmare, but from where I stand I believe strongly that this is the time to invest as the season would switch over soon enough to reveal the positive side of the investments made.

Price list as at 14th July 2008

Niger Insurance closed at N93.60 while firstinland bank closed at N8.01, BOC gas closed at N17.83, Oceanic closed at N23.23, while Dangote finished at N31.52, Union bank follows on the gainers chart with N37.50, UBA sold for N32.59 and First bank closed at N49.51.

In the losers column, closed at N94.81, followed by WAPCO at N50.26, NAHCO closed at N21.24.

Market capitalization was at 11.002 trillion, Market index is put at 54,997.2 and about 13,629 deals were traded valued at 7.611 billion.

Whatever you do this season would help you especially if you buy preparing for the bullish season…..lets invest wisely considering your risk convenient level……

ShapeCD private placement is still on and would be closing this week invest now for 90kobo per share and a minimum of 100,000 units..


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