I could not believe it when all I did was knocked out, yes …..its so unfortunate but we did not win this week, we lost the contest with a difference of ten points, this was like a big blow to me as I had done all I could to see the success of the team, but as a team you can’t do it all, I had to make others work, then it hit us…2 of my team member fell sick, and they were absent from work, there was no way the team would have succeeded with the absence of the tow of them, I tried my best to do most of the work laid out for us but could not finish.

The quiz we did was a good one as we won with outstanding margin and undermining the fact that I was not there my team members took the day, but when it dawned on them that the stress was too much, they had to rest. I was made to face the music of working extra week,  for not winning,, I would make sure that all the targets for the week is met by my new team,….yes we were re- shuffled into new teams and I landed into another  vibrant team, which had 2 members from the previous winning teams.

This week I am ready to make the most of it and achieve outstanding success in the areas where I have been assigned to me and im on track, I have 2 things done already ready to win….

I am waiting, wishing and working……

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