Nigeria has over the years been tortured and tormented by cruel and self centered rulers, people who put themselves first and let others die, those who do not have the heart of sympathy for their fellow country men, they think of themselves and their families, there are millions of Nigeria living under untold hardship, people who can not afford a meal in a day, those that don’t have a house to lay their head at night, and those who live by the mercies of others.

I served in one of the northern states and I saw some things that I never would believe if there were told to me in a dream, people were eating from the ground,  most people did not have where to live, they were sleeping on the side of major roads, life generally is hard for them. But you hear in the news everyday that a Governor or President or….. travelled out of the country to seek medical check up. Why they do this most times I wonder? Can’t they bring these quality health service here? They know that the best can be gotten and because they are in the helms of power, they do as they please.

Everyday in the news we hear the EFCC declare the stolen wealth of most of our fraudulent leaders, they make up a mock trial and sentence them, then the next day the loot is buried out of the hearing of the public,  these leaders buy private jets running into Millions and some people have not seen a grain of rice to eat, they travel out for vacation and some have not had rest in months, where do we go from here, it is enough to say yes go out and vote when you know that these people would not do anything for you when they get into the office, these rulers have resorted to killings as a bid to secure the seat, what is after the tenure, where would they end, it is eminent to know that what goes around comes around.

I am holding one of the dailies of yesterday and I can read a headline which says that our president and his vice has spent over N655.97m on foreign trips in 6 months, what a record, and people are dying, what would they say they have achieved with these trips, as the Niger-delta remains volatile, another headline reads that a Governor had looted over N1bn  in 11 months, what is happening, under-development is still on the increase,unemployment is eating deep into the society, crime rate is sky rocketing and they are looting the cash……..

Where do we see Nigeria in 10 years….

I  BELIEVE in a New Nigeria  by 2015………lets join forces and say no to these old breed..

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