It was Saturday afternoon and another day to play the most intelligent game, CASHFLOW 101 by Robert kiyosaki, we were all gathered and as a co-facilitator, I had put everything in place ready. Our players were sitted and we just waited for the perfect timing. The compeer took the starters through the rules of the game and what they had to do as the game goes on.

There were 12 people on one table and 8 people on the other table, we started well and at first the game seemed so boring as they didn’t show any interest in the game. They tried to fit in but it was really tiring, but later as the game moved on, they got gripped with the fever, especially when one player had a child, as it is a custom in the game that if you have a child your expenses increases, there was a wild jubilation for the guy and lady who got this.

The whole essence of the game is to awaken the financial genius ion you, to help you get out of the rat race which seems to be the problem a whole lot of us are having, we spend the greater part of our lives in the rat race struggling and not getting out, there are certain things you need to know to help us access the fast track. The game helps you identify the thing you need to do, how you ought to do them and when you should do them, there are different types of investments (opportunities) you come across in life that you should tap into and make good decisions to help you enjoy them, this game teaches you how to go about it.
The Game still going smooth, the players already on their heel and the tension rising, people were buying investments and making profits on them already, others had a lot of doodads to contend with, while the rest had to chose between small deals and big deals, the atmosphere was charged up, and nobody seemed to be getting out of the rat race, they were actually auditing each other’s account and would not let anyone cheat……… then a player broke out of the rat race and the tension ran wild…competition set in, they all asked him how he did it that his passive income outweighed his total expenses as that the only way you can leave t he rat race. Then another guy left the rat race then another…..but during this time there was a guy that was busy stealing cash from another player that was on the fast track without his knowledge, well the interesting thing in the game is that the players pick their profession ranging from Janitor to lawyer and doctor and they have different income level, but when the game ended, the Janitor actually got of the fast track first. The game ended well and the novices at the beginning were already professionals in life and they knew how to take the decisions that would change their lives, they saw the need for risk taking in different areas of life. They left really happy for the knowledge they gained…..
Get in touch ….play CASHFLOW 101 and get into reality of life.


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  1. hmmm….

    I’m sure it must have been loads of fun…’s one game of life i never find boring.

    Tho i can’t ever help but ask am i working towards getting out of the rat race or am i just running circles in it?….worth thinking about shei…

  2. Good one oga, i call you prof.please i will like to have a talk with mobile number is 08020393089 if you dont mind i do like to have yours.thanks

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