Today breaks with high hopes, with targets set up and our minds set to achieve one good thing, actually my target for the week has not been achieved and I am wondering where and how I can actually get my target to materialize , I seem to be running out of ideas and contacts, but then I cannot give up now as loosing is actually out of the question.

I look at my colleague sitting opposite me and found out that he was on the same page with me but was not willing to throw in the towel, I set out, what more do I need to do to get back on track, I said a little prayer and I accepted the fact that what ever I want in life I can get if only I believe. I made a call and although the reply was not too motivating, I still had hopes, then I received a call from a friend that is really helping out in the field work, she came in with a brilliant deal that was secured for me where I can meet with key decision makers and it was a good one as I made a call to one of the contacts and it was so positive.

I never believed that I would get the response from her, and instantly I learnt that there are only LIMITATIONS in our eyes and minds, I set my mind on another horizon and made it a mark to say the positive things and rely on the universal powers to deliver on all the things that seem impossible to get with the human power.

I have made it a duty to profess the positive things in life and get things done.

The LIMITATION you have in life are the once you put in yourself…..look beyond what you see and get what you dream…..

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