The win……

A story about events that went down last week in the office, yes we are in a season of competition for deliverables, we have targets to deliver on certain proposals and projects last week for which each item has a 10 point score, we were divided into teams and given a set deadline for which we would deliver all the results for, prize money was attached to it to make it a thorough competition, well prior to that time we had taken a test to see our competences and shared into the groups, all the groups had a touch of shaper, implementer, team-worker,co-coordinator, finisher, evaluator and each personality was fused into a set of 3 teams.

Day 1 started all well, as the teams met with the boss on the way forward, we had about 10 task each to deliver on and it began, I was in team C, at first I was so furious cos I was envious of team A as I was thinking they were hot brains there as they won the first edition of the competition and they looked so good to win again.

I told myself that I was never going to let myself go down again as my team came last, we were laughed at and it made me feel so bad,first of all I started off on a good note I did my part in the team and was monitoring the activities of my team mates. Although sales this week was low, I made all my contacts and I had good deal, for the other proposals to companies I finished my part and the team sent it to the boss for the final touch. I waited till Friday before I got my first sale and I got a good amount for my team.

It was Monday morning and time for result it was time for us to know who did well, although it was a healthy competiotion but there was tension in the air, as before then my team mates have told me that one of our work has not been seen, I felt like it was the end for my team,I gave up on winning instantly but still had something ti look out for, then he began, first 3 scores looked bad….then we nailed it we scrapped it all….winning the defending champions with 2 points……….2 very vital points….wow everyone shouted and it was a de ja vu of what happened last week, team B actually had a bad day as they not only lost, but had punishment for not coming first.

Well if you know I won an expense paid shopping in one of Nigeria’s biggest shopping mall, it was all worth it, and also it continues this week as the price has been increased, but one thing remains certain that with the right motivation and a competition as hot as this, the things you can really do are unknown to you. I must say I had a good week and hope to do better this week.

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  1. damilola

    Congratulations! you deserved it.keep moving on.

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