The stock market has been for a nightmare to investors for the past few weeks, for those who invested heavily in the stock market, they have been sobbing by the passing day, as slowly they count their losses, I am staring at the price list for today and I am slowly sobbing but what do I do? I would only pray that the bullish season shows up real soon, as my investments are falling low right in front of my eyes. I am waiting patiently for the my season.

Although the times look rough but for those who see the tomorrow, this is the best time to invest and buy over stocks as a lot of people are selling off, it would be the best time to take a stand, as over time a few of those who are wealthy now actually did these things at a time like this. They bought when things seemed bad and now they have key decisions.

You may not want to give up so soon, you might just think twice now and make plans to invest in stocks that you are sure would bounce back when the bull arrives, please be advised to set your mind for the level of risk you intend to take before you venture, but in any thing try to stay positive and set your mind that you are taking a bold step in a good direction, don’t loose faith in the Nigeria Stock market as in a few years time, if you invest now you can dine with the key decision makers.

Price today…

ETI topped the gainers chart with a closing price of N38.61  closely followed by prestige closing at N12.50, next is Incar closing at N9.42, Eterna oil closed at N30.97, Guiness followed at N128.0, Dangote sugar closed at N32.31, chevron finished at N338.31. Market capitalization was 10.769 trillion in about 984.74 million deals, valued at 7.609 billion.

Also there are a few opportunities open to those who would want to invest, ShapeCD africa, where we have franchise to market this new product in Africa, it is proposed to be a billion dollar company from all projections, it is still selling at 90kobo per share and you can buy a minimum of 100,000 units, know that it would not be listed soon in the stock market as we intend to make our early investors enjoy good dividends for about 2 years before the public feels it . so make up your mind to join the team of pioneer of a grand product and you would be happy you did….

See you on top.

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