Where is home? what is home? Home is where you belong, this is where your happiness abounds….a home for me is more than a four corner space where one lingers while devouring time for self amusement, it is more than a sturdy roof that shelters me from the heat of the sun and shelters me the heat of the sun and protects me from the wrath of the storm, a home for me simply is a sanctuary, a safe haven, a comfort zone so to speak, these words are not categorized to be common but for me, it is actually easy to understand……..

I sit down to think well about this topic…and I realise that my home is here, in my heart, where I sit, I couldn’t have had it any where else..but here…I guide it with all, I tell a story of a man who lost his horse…he cried all day but never found it. On a fateful day a man traveling with his family saw a lonely horse…the man looked at it and the children persuaded him to take the horse home, he resisted, cos he felt it would take him so long to tame the horse. Finally he bridled the horse and suddenly the horse started walking, the man was so amazed as they followed it, finally he got to the house and stopped, the owner ran out shouting, then when he caught his breath he asked the man how did you find my house?……the man answered him saying…all I did was bridle it, he brought me here….guess this is where it’s home is…

No matter where you go….home is where you know….where you can be at peace.

How far you running thinking you are leaving home? Most people traveled out of Nigeria believing that they would get away from the perceived hardship in Nigeria..but hey what you believe is what you see,if you make up your mind what you want to see and get then it would locate you. I don’t believe in the negative side of life, no matter where I am, where I would be is known and defined, thats your home where you would be comfortable. The horse regardless of the fact that it was in company of total strangers, it found its way home, ignore where you are now and who you are walking with….it is definite you are going home….where you would be comfortable…..here in your heart decide what you want and how you want it and I bet you are home…..

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  1. damilola

    Great piece!Yeah,home is were the heart is.

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