It’s been a while I wrote a post because actually I have been waiting to write something that would ignite the fire in the reader. I have had a very busy week as my firm is about to make history in the whole of Africa, The unique shapeCD which would hit the market soon would be a household name to be reckoned with and would see to the extinction on piracy in Nigeria, I had a target for myself to market the biggest number of client to invest in the private placement that is currently going on, and in less than 2 weeks I have exceeded that target. How……you may ask? But its because I had made up my mind to improve on the way I do things, not very many of us believe in the power of positive thinking. But that’s the principle that guides me and that’s my motivation, I believe that I can make it from the darkest and dimmest of all situations.

I have been involved in a number of activities that my peers find ludicrous, only last week I got a mail from an Australian lady that got married to a Nigerian and somehow got to my blog, she read a few things that I wrote and could not believe how focused a young man from Nigeria is, of course, Nigeria is synonymous with fraud as we rank top in almost all social vices you can imagine or think of…..just name it.. but it goes way beyond the figures there are a number of honest dedicated Nigerians that believe in re-furbishing the shattered image we have People working tirelessly to re-model the picture.

Those who build do so with all their strength but the stupid fool pulls down the good work without stress, but what do we do? Keep looking at them and contribute to what they are doing? We can join in the fight for a good name. we can build a NEW NIGERIA, it starts from a committed heart, you can be it.

What would you be known for? How would they remember you? What have you done till date? How have you impacted others? These are questions that would always be asked, how ready are you? I am doing my part and I know that a NEW NIGERIA 2015 is very achievable…would you be a part of it? What is your contribution? Join forces now and let’s do it. You can be a part of it now, buy into the ShapeCD, and help in the fight against piracy, you can ask for a copy of the brochure now.

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