I am reading a book I just bought titled “the coming wealth transfer”, and the content has been making me realize that I need to improve on the way I invest. Most people say, how much do I have that I would start investing? But the truth is that you don’t need a million to actually start investing especially in the right places, You should have long term and short term investments, you should also have a balanced investment portfolio featuring long, medium and long risk opportunities based on your current age.

Here are some vehicles for investment

1. Join an Investment Club
2. Play the Stock Market (Local and Global)
3. Venture into Real Estate or Penny Real Estate
4. Forex Trading
5. Invest with a Fund Manager
6. Invest in a New Venture.

Much said there is a potential billion dollar company which is about to be born……Shaped CD.

Shaped CD was founded in Germany in 1995 by accident, but since then it has grown into a full grown company spread over the world, Generis solutions just got a franchise to run shaped CD in Africa. Shaped CD, would soon be a worldwide name to be reckoned with, since all the sectors would adapt to its use. Generis solutions is selling a private placement for the product for 90 kobo per share and a minimum of 100,000 units, This would guarantee you a good ROI over 1 year as we intend this to be a long term investment open to those who are interested.

You can include this in your vehicles of investment, you can get a good return if only you venture. This is a good buy which I strongly recommend to all.

For all those interested, you can call me on +2348023967677 of send a mail to

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