I sat in a meeting yesterday and my boss asked; how would you feel if you are told there was no tomorrow?…………..I wondered for a moment why he was asking such a question….what is happening? Why is he doing this? Most of my colleagues remained mute for over 2 minutes, they didn’t know what to say, everyone stared at each other and I spoke up immediately…I feel so scared, then someone responded I feel worried….then it went on and on….

What would you do if there is no tomorrow?………

Expend all your energy on things you really want to do  today as nothing is stopping you from achieving all you can in life in one day, it is good to know that there is no tomorrow, your tomorrow is what you make of today, you actually build your tomorrow. Most people believe that they have to do all they can today…yes what have you been waiting for, you should start living and doing everything like its your last day on earth, If you know its your last, you would struggle to achieve all you can and this would really bring you success, so since you can achieve a lot thinking its your last, then go ahead think in this direction, In the science of getting rich, the author used this term..”act in a certain way” that implies that there is a certain way we need to act to keep us relevant, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail, since we can actually be what we want, then we can do whatever we want.

You can put in all you have to achieve all your goals today if you would die today. Note that there is never a tomorrow as today is the tomorrow you talked about yesterday. it would never come so let us stop procrastinating and act now,  all you can be  tomorrow,  you can be today so why wait? Most people live on excuses, and there is an phrase that goes like “excuses are monuments for fools”. Don’t make out an excuse just because you are scared of taking a step.

One of my colleague actually said somethings that got me thinking, she said If there is no tomorrow, she would feel very bad, cos there are somethings she hasn’t done, I asked her in reply…whats stopping you from doing these things now?…But she replied saying that there are some things she can’t do today cos you don’t do you just because you feel like or is it in your powers to do them…like giving birth or getting married. They are not any decision you take in a hurry, so No matter what you would live today like our last ignoring all you can’t get and get all you can.

In life do all you can today, as there is no TOMORROW


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3 responses to “THERE IS NO TOMORROW.

  1. damilola

    yeah!we’ve got to do all we have to do,”procastination is the root of inactivity”today is wats important.Great piece!

  2. what ever good you find your hands to do, do it well and now is a word from the holy scriptures.

    Procastination is a diease that must be done away with.


  3. Wow… Ekwu, nice post you have got there. There is simply no time for procrastination any more.

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