Today, we had a visualization session today, where we took possession of all that we had in our minds. It was a good time although it was so short but for a while I saw things so real not ignoring the fact that its still in the sub-conscious.

Visualization is seeing a mental picture of things you need and desire without physically seeing them, it is FAITH- “substance of things hoped for and evidence of things not seen” You believe when you haven’t physically seen. This process takes 3 stages-

1-Pray about it for the last time.-In this session you have to pray for what you want for the last time, as since we are dealing with the Almighty GOD, we do not need to ask more than once as he already knows and he gives us what we desire almost immediately…….but in a spiritual form…which means it takes you alone to unlock the request from the spiritual form into the physical form for you to possess. But remember there are something’s you ought to ask for and pray for consistently, like the grace of God, His mercies which are renewed by each passing day.

E=MC2….where E is Energy, M is Mass, C is Distance and Time..

So for physical manifestation we require to exert energy considering Time, we need to work hard and in line with what we need.

2-Believe and act- After praying you have to be grateful, and appreciate the lord using this format……I am happy, excited and grateful that……………and it would be used to glorify your name and mankind would benefit from this gift. This usually exercises your faith in achieving what you have stated. Appreciation guarantees you a rest, and all you have to do is just wait patiently, because nature has a way of answering to prayers of sort and since you are already expressing gratitude for the unseen, then you have been certified for it. Thanksgivings is the Key to everything.

3-Visualize- Lastly take the time out to see yourself possessing it already, see the good sides of the gift, Visualization shows you the finished product of your request and this keeps you close to receiving it.

Note that you need to write down all the things you need, your goals and dreams before you start.

This is a sure way of securing all you need in life, if only you can give it a try, we just started, you can join us and see what happens after the 40th day.

Drop your comment showing interest…..

See you on top………..

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  1. faith is the real thing in life!

    good work.

    i like your faith, keep on the good work for you will ripe in due time.


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