door matDoor mats are for dusting your feet on usually located at the entrance of houses whose sole purpose is to help keep the apartment clean. Yeah that’s right! You leave all the dirt on the door mat before you step into an apartment, you also use them on your way out. Yes, and you walk all over them.

Some people let others walk all over them they are foot mats!
Door mats are people in relationships that are abused physically and emotionally yet they do nothing about it, instead they make all sorts of excuses for those they allow to abuse them. They only attract people that have very little or no regard for them. People who would take advantage of them, When they ought to be cherished knowing that they are priceless in the sight of God, most victims are those who are so carried away be material things that they would stay to enjoy all the luxuries and take shit form their spouse rather than go settle with someone that loves them purely but might not be too abundantly endowed with material possession, They are in relationships that don’t grow. It stays stagnant year in year out and these people stay because they are grateful to be in any relationship at all. They prefer that to being alone even though God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind (2tim1:7).

Doormats are under achievers, they are so scared to take a step up, they are never challenged by any circumstance, they let others dictate to them, they lack self esteem, Being a foot mat means allowing the spirit of fear to rule you, you get intimidated by anybody success and thereby you constrain yourself, Door mats settle for less,

I know a lady who was married to a very successful man, but since his wealth made him popular, he did anything he wanted and felt he would get away with it………well he did, he dealt with his wife in all fashion and she never spoke up to challenge him because she knew that since she was not contributing to the growth of the family, she would be thrown out soonest, she suffered humiliations and aches, she never had the guts to speak up……….is this how we are wired up, the bow to the rich and wealth, where is our pride? Most ladies look out for the tall, dark handsome and rich guys around, they believe that a guy with the whole package makes them feel on a different level especially in presence of their friends, well this is most pathetic… they may not be living in paradise, if you have all the package what would you have achieved? Most of these guy that come in this package always have an attitude problem, knowing full well that other ladies would want this package too.

In a relationship, getting the right person is as simple is being the right person if you want a tall dark and handsome guy, then be the cute, hot and friendly girl, and be ready to work on your relationship, as the bible says Iron sharpens iron, like attracts. As Christians we should strive to push away self degradation and stand up to the truth.

Being a Door mat means allowing the spirit of fear to rule over your life. It means settling for less when you ought to be the head and not the tail, above only and not beneath (deut28:13) this should apply to all aspects of our lives. Door mats are for leaving all the rubbish on, they are for dusting all that’s left over from your walk around town. They are for wiping your shoes before you step into a beautiful apartment, Are you a Door mat? Wake up to reality, take a bold step and speak up, know that you are special and never be pulled down…..

Culled from Ese adonkie articles.

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  1. damilola

    yeah!wise saying.but alot of ladies don’t seem to realise that they have the power to be happy and that don’t need the material possession of a guy to make them happy,so lots of them settle for less hoping it would get better.its quite pathetic.

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