Stock Market—update

Today, I write on the stock market and the activities going on in different sectors of the economy, over the few days there has been activity in the banking, insurance and oil and gas sector, also Investment and allied assurance is gaining consistently by each passing day. A lot of private placements are on and the most recent is Geo-fluid marine.

Geofluid marine is a maritime/oil and gas servicing firm that was incorporated in 1994, owned 100% by reputable Nigerians, they offer a wide range of services that includes processing of drilling mud products, Mud engineering and well completions services. From the companies profile Geo-fluid would have four sources of growth, First, the company will expand its existing capacity in order to take on larger projects. Second, Geo-fluid will commence operations in the Gulf of guinea. Third, Geo-fluid will commence work on the construction of the first well-Head assembly plant in Africa. Fourth, Geo-fluid will further grow its business activities through selective strategic acquisitions of other smaller companies.

It is selling fast and few units available for all those who would want to be a part of the success story. Geo-fluid is selling for N7.00 and a minimum of 50,000 units; this is THE only place where you would get it for so low. Contact me now to place your order.

Let us talk about the activity going on in the printing and publishing sector, Academy press closed at N6.51 and there was no deal last week, Daily times had no activity but they closed at N0.69, but they have 16.74 dividends per share. Longman closed at N21.53, and traded about 326,582 volumes; UPL closed at N11.76 and gained N1.23. There was no activity in the airline sector.

Investing in the Nigeria sector market and be assured of a big future as the bull is raging.

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  1. Ogunyemi Olaniyi

    I read about your write up on geo fluid. Pls, i want to ask if you know when they are going to be listed on the floor.
    I bought the private placement and i want to know if you know if you know the registrar of the firm that is responsible for issuing out the certificate for the PP.
    Thank you

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