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For over a month there has been a worldwide fuss over the scarcity of food, and this has seen the hike of essential commodity available to the teeming population of the third world population. Recently a bag of Rice that sold for N5,000 last December has moved to over N12,000 and has been unavailable to the poor people; the staple for the regular Nigerian has been only for the rich.

The cyclone that hit part of the Asian countries has made matters worse for the world food condition; there has been starvation in different parts of the world just because the dependency on the Asian countries, there has been a huge neglect of the agricultural sector in most of the third world countries especially Nigeria, Back in the days the economy of Nigeria was been sustained by agriculture before the advent of petroleum, but things turned around when oil was found in Oliobiri, prior to this time, large quantities of groundnut was been exported from Kano, cocoa was a major occupation in the west and oil palm was common in the Delta area of Nigeria, also cotton was been exported from Nigeria in large quantities, but all of a sudden it has all vanished because of diverse attention and the decay of the sector, also note that during this period there was integrity amongst politicians who were in the helms of affairs, but now we see the reverse, killing, blackmail and other social vices are the norms in the society these days.

Recently the president made available over N10 million for importation of food, in other to curb the problem of food scarcity, this situation can be solved if only the right things are done…..what are the things to be done you may ask?……well if the right policies are put in place to see the re-birth of the agricultural sector, things would go back to normal, then the country would not be so hit by the global crisis. Most times I feel this crisis is all politics just as the never ending war in the Middle East that continually enriches those in authority. Now they have invaded into food sector and how all of a sudden there is scarcity for food, who knows what would go scarce soon? Maybe air.

The summary of this is that CORRUPTION has eaten deep and it can only be resolved if we can just look out of the box, and live for others we would meet our goals and the world would be a better place for us to live in.

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Have you ever wondered why only 1% percent of the world’s population enjoy over 96% of the worlds wealth…… have you ever wondered why some people get richer and other grow wretched and beg for food? Why would things you see around you change without it impacting in your life, from all events that happe, you are a spector, you watch people move up, you congratulate a lot of people and nobody applauds you…. That’s because you don’t know the SECRET yet, you are still living in ignorance.

Many years ago, only a few people knew the SECRET of success and they kept it within themselves, making all the money, they became so famous across the land, they distinguished themselves from others with all they had.

These people obeyed one law, they knew what to do, and when to do them, they became conscious of how to live their lives, they proposed things they would do and they became geniuses, check the those wealthy people from history, they had one thing in common, the knowledge of the LAWS OF ATTRACTION.

Whatever you desire, locates you. There is a solution for what you desire, wonder why people are poor, because they focus their energy on how not to fail, then the end result is failure. When you think of poverty, you would definitely grow poor, when you think in the direction of riches, you would definitely grow rich.

Tell you a story of a man who had a habit of cutting pictures of things he desired to get in life and place them on a board, “his vision board”. He cut out his dream house, dream car and placed it on the door, always looking at it and saying he would live in that same house one day. After 4 years he moved from where he was living due to transfer and packed all his stuffs in a box, he got a new house, renovated it and started living a comfortable life with his family, then one day in his study, his son came in and sat on one of the boxes hitting it with his legs, he asked his father dad, what is in this cartoon? “The father answered, the carton is filled with my dream, my future, how I would like to live later in life” He stood up, opened the carton, brought out the board and it was shocking to see that he was living in the exact house he placed on the board. He was true to his dreams, he never knew it till that day, he held the board and broke down in tears.

He had his mind on it and he got it, what do you want in life, place your mind on it, dream it, sleep it, talk it, get attached to it, enjoy it, admire it, live it, then before you know it, it’s yours. Stop expecting negative things, stop thinking about failing as it would locate you, stop thinking about death so it doesn’t pursue you.

From today understand the LAW OF ATTRACTION which proves that whatever you really desire in life would locate you only if you set your mind on it, the method of it coming is none of your business, once the mind can conceive it, the hands can get it.

Dream big, feel big, act big………………………… would be big.


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Woah….for the past 3 years, my team Chelsea has never advanced through the semi final stage of the UEFA champions league, and Liverpool has dealt with Chelsea without pity preventing them from playing the worlds most prestigious club competition,The MAN

I watched yesterday with a racing heartbeat, I was on my feet almost all through the game, It happened that Chelsea scored first and took control of the game, I felt at ease for a while and enjoyed good football which for a long time I have not seen

Then it happened the most dreaded player banged the net, and gave them a crucial away goal . Record holds that liverpool has never scored against Chelsea at home in stamford bridge,Today they broke record and scored 2 goals, also Chelsea booked the ticket to play their first ever UEFA champions league final since existence.

Isreali, chelsea handler broke record as the first coach to take chelsea to the final, Then the big one, since the champions league started, there has never been an all English final…..but it is happening for the first time.

It was indeed a record breaking night for Chelsea yesterday. Lampard who lost the mother 4 days ago, scored a crucial penalty that gave Chelsea a huge advantage..He wept as he celebrated showing the love he had for the departed mother, Record Night indeed, Roman Abramovich would lead his team to his home town and set their eyes on the silver ware at stake….whats at stake for you, what are you set to achieve in life/ It takes nothing big,, but determination…”all things are possible” if only you Believe. You can make it…. It’s in you…search deep.

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“Stand in a pool, with water flowing across your ankle, the water that passes you today, you would never see again

Look through time and you would find out that the things you saw years ago, you might never see again, people you meet today you might never meet them again, if you overlook these meetings you might regret later in life. Back in the days, I met a whole lot of people in school and we passed out, I got some numbers and didn’t get some, I obviously over looked these contacts, looking back things have changed a great deal and most of the people are making their mark in different sectors.

I have a friend who currently is a world class model, She won the most beautiful girl Tourism in 2006 and now currently travels round the world for deals, not forgetting the stud that made waves on Idols west Africa, well if you must know we were class mates, and now how has made a mark on his sand and the is an encouragement to his peer, I also remember a friend who always talked about oil firms then in the days and now he is among the team of one of the biggest oil servicing companies going round Africa on offshore drilling. I can’t forget the 2007 Gulder ultimate search held in Jos, Plateau state, a very close friend who was on the verge of making history lost his life, his journey to stardom ended on a sad note.

These are the few I had contact with, there are many out there who I did not connect with but are doing well in different spheres of life. Few days back I received a call from an old school friend saying he saw my site and was impressed on what I am doing, he was so proud of me that he leaves a comment on my site daily.

Where you are today, the things you see you might never see again, people you meet, you might never meet them again so you have to learn how to treasure and keep friendships and acquaintances, those you meet today are to be added to your relationship bank and they would come in handy when help is needed.

Invest in friendship.

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