It was Wednesday evening and I got a call from a friend whom I had always wanted to meet all these months, we first made contact last year June to be precise then I was still in my National service year and I was preparing myself for the future as I had vowed that I would not go back home after service, I got a reply to one of my application and since then I had taken interest as the person took interest in return, she replied all my mails on time and gave me first class information on how I would go about the application, she even demanded my CV, so as to help me.

I called her several times to confirm the status of the application but all the time she told me that I would soon get the invitation, many times I felt I was never going to be invited because I had no experience in the aviation sector and they require a minimum of 2 years experience, but since she has a vital position in the company, I knew my chances were good, I kept in touch for a long time and the promise was good. Finally I finished my service and went back home, thinking about the vow I made and wondering how I would meet up with my words; I stayed home for a month and was still keeping in touch.

I took up the courage to leave the city and move to where I would get opportunities in excess and then we didn’t communicate for a while but I still believed in me that some day we would meet and sort the job issue. Then I got a job in a consulting firm, where I was doing really well and I made a call to my friend and she told me that she has switched jobs and she is now in the oil and gas sector, I was so overwhelmed, I arranged a meeting…I mean we ought to see, switching from a good job to a better job…….

Finally we met…..and she was exactly what I thought she would be very serious, good looking and career oriented, we talked over a good meal and she was impressed how far and I had gone in a short time, she was astonished and I made a good impression of what I have learnt in a short time. Actually, I met someone who over the months has been a source of encouragement, she told me that nothing can be done without hardwork; she made me realize that God first and any other thing comes next, I met with someone who got close from a distance and took interest in helping a stranger………….

I wish all Nigerians would be like her….Then we would have a better Nigeria.

Dedicated to you…..R.


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3 responses to “FINALLY WE MET

  1. Does she have a name? I think u have a crush on her, my tots ……

  2. Hi,

    That is a good one, keep it up.

    I look forward to a time where by all Nigerian will be like her or act like her, as in making strangers special because you can never tell when an angel of God can come to you for help.

    Good work Joseph, i like it.


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