Today, I went all out to spread information on one of the private placements going on, telling a few of people that would be interested in investing, I had a small meeting with my boss yesterday and he was telling me about the necessity for doing serious work especially out of the office, I can still do it inside but for a wider reach it is necessary.

Today I got to the office wondering how I was going to do it, knowing I’m not really good going out, but I had to try as the incentives is far from a joke. I tried to discourage myself as it started raining, I told myself just chill let the guys on field do the job…….but on a second thought how much is at stake.

I hit the market, went to a friend and as I told him, he took his cheque book and invested, I remembered that limiting yourself would only hurt you, I went somewhere else and the same thing happened and I was so fascinated about what I did, then I called a firm who trades the same commodity and to my surprise they had not heard about it, so he showed interest and promised to make a few calls that he would back to me, I thought in my heart that what I just did was because I had challenged myself to make a point..

There are numerous opportunities out there of us to capitalize on but due to some reason which obviously has to do with our limiting ourselves, we fail to see beyond the present scene that’s in front of our, I wonder if why most people fail to take risks, they are so scared of failing, meanwhile we if don’t take a risk, you have already failed….I read once that ……”Never be afraid of taking a decision….nature would forgive you if you take a wrong decision….but would certainly not forgive you for not taking a decision at all”

Some say, I’m scared I would lose my N100, 000, and in a few days, they would spend more than that and can never be accounted for. Most people are poor because they Pass Over Opportunities Repeatedly, why not take a risk and fail, then you learn from that and improve, what if you succeed?…..then it’s news.

Never Limit thyself.


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2 responses to “LIMITATIONS

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  2. Philip Brown

    Wow, this is good…I like the phrase you put in, its a food for thought..

    Good work Joe.

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