Again, we see defeat……who, you may ask? Chelsea..after a long wait to smell the air of the finals of the most prestigious tournament in football history, the UEFA Champions league. I sat home alone watching the tension soaked match between Chelsea and Manchester United.

The match started on a low note as the players fought to touch the ball, Manchester united held on for a long time and then in the 25th minute of play Christiano Ronaldo converted a Wes Brown cross into his 24th goal of the season, sparking off fire in the game, Chelsea came out of their shell and regained possession, playing with passion, Micheal Ballack held on the chains of the mid field and spread passes through the field. We saw a tough match until the stroke of half time when Frank Lampard trashed in a deflected ball to put Chelsea on level terms before the break, He celebrated his goal looking up to the skies in honour of his late mother.

The second half kicked off and the tension still on, as Makelele was always caught on offensive, he broke Paul scholes head in a collision and he earned him a yellow card, the pressure, the action, the thrills and the misses as Lampard, Drogba struck the post during the second half. There are times when professionals behave like amateurs, as the amateur in Drogba earned him a red card when for no reason he slapped Vidic as was immediately given a marching order.

The game dragged into penalties as there were no goals after 120 minutes of play. Christaino Ronaldo missed his kick and gave Chelsea hope, then unfortunately the captain missed a priced penalty and opened the game, Anelka delivered the trophy to Manchester when he gave Edwin Van der sar the ball. The question now is who is to blame for the defeat? Grant had a good bench that would have changed the game, but he didn’t make any substitutions. He disgraced his boss, Drogba slapped a player…why? Then a skipper let his team down and it is certain the he would miss being the captain of the 3 lion squad.

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  1. la4la1

    I had goose pimples all over bcos of this match.Though am a fan of Arsenal,i really wanted chelsea 2 win cos i and …u know now but all d same it was just a game.

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