“Small hinges swing big doors”

I don’t know where I heard this phrase for the first time, but I am so sure that after a few months driving the new Nigeria course and the subtle change the introduction of a new section had in the running of the club, I have found it very difficult to get these words out of my head. I write this post just coming out from a breath taking meeting, My boss just returned from Dubai where he has been for almost a week now,……..Good news I know you must be expecting…….well not to keep you waiting so long.

Today marks the beginning of a set of new things in our lives as a whole of opportunities would be coming out for people to invest in…..In my last post I told you about the Investment and allied assurance private placement that we sold in March and the progress since its listing on Friday 9th of May, well more good news to those that took part in the deal, the share has already done 100% and there are potentials for more as the price would do more on the high side.

The pioneers of New Nigeria club took just a bold step to including investment opportunities to the benefits members would enjoy and it has been doing well, I get calls from people outside the country who did not partake in the previous deals, they all want to invest as opportunities open….the introduction of investment section has tipped financial intelligence among members.

People have so much money but nothing to invest in, the knowledge of what they would be interested in would only he defined to them by a reliable source, that is what we have decided to do now that would swing the doors we need in the right directions. Knowledge is power….how much do you know and how much of the relevant things would take you to your destination? You need to be rightly informed.

If you are reading this post now please do not hesitate to contact me as regards investing in the Nigeria stock market…Geo-fluid marine is selling its private placement now and for as low as N5.60 and a minimum of 50,000 units… so you too can take advantage of this big opportunity as it do extremely well when listed.

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