………….those steps are worth considering as they would create an inner you that knows only thorough investment and if you start investing now especially in stocks and shares. Again I must let tell you that living beneath your means does not in any way makes you tight handed as people would think”.

What you invest today may guarantee you a good future tomorrow and what predicts your future is your today well planned, here are the concluding steps for creating wealth.

6. Wear it out: In the consumer nation that we live in taking Nigeria as an example, we often throw things away long before their useful life is over. Many Nigerians buy the latest cars without using their former cars for up to a decade. Well-built cars have a running life of more than a decade, and by using them until they are worn out, you save thousands of Naira compared to buying a new one every few years.

7. Use it up: A portion of household wastes 14% of its food purchases. Of this, 15% is food that hasn’t expired and has never been opened. People should buy what they need and can finish before it goes bad.

8. Repair: When something breaks, many times the initial reaction is to replace the item. By learning how to make simple repairs yourself, you can save hundreds of Naira each year. Many products can be repaired easily, and an investment in a repair book (or one borrowed from the library) can pay for itself many times over.

9. Try homemade: In a nation of convenience, we have often have lost the ability to make things ourselves. Eating at home vs. dining out is a good example, but you can take it even a step further. Look at the difference of eating pre-made processed foods and making your own meals from scratch. Not only is it healthier, it will make your food budget last a lot longer.

10. Do without: We all believe that we need many more things than we really do. Take a few seconds to look in your closet, and storage spaces. Most of that stuff sitting in there is stuff that you bought that you never needed. Use the simple  wait-a-week — if you want to buy something, wait a week, and if you still want it after that time period, then you can buy it — which can help you avoid purchasing those things that you really don’t need or want.

Try these steps and see how you can save a whole of money for yourself and if you invest this cash into stocks and other sectors to generate income for you, then you are on your way to the top.


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