Today was a busy day, remembering what happened yesterday evening when someone bashed my friends car, we were having a good time after church and a drunk man smashed the bumper and broke the rear lights, we stayed up negotiating repairs with the man. Finally he agreed to fix the car.

I woke up tired as I didn’t get enough sleep, I rushed out to attend our regular Monday meetings  and on getting to the office , the man that hit the car called and  asked us to come  to his apartment and on getting there the man was on taking drinks and still slurring, he talked and apologized, signed a cheque and we left, on getting to the office, I rushed into the meeting to join them, my colleague who was in charge of operations, took us with strict hands and I was so surprised although it was in him to behave this way, I was not exempted from his stricking hammer, he made sure there was thoroughness  and fairness in todays analysis,

I looked at the situation and found out that responsibility brings out the leadership quality in everyone and there is always something to that tells you when to exercise it. I saw another person that was so disciplined. Although people took it hard as there was a financial incentive attached to it, so it was raising dust all around.

I left the office to finalize issues on the deals, as I left the office I met with people who had a whole load of issues for my attention, I did this for over an hour and left the office headed  for the property company. I was going to make payment for land and it was so surprising to see that with all the preaching going around for investing in real estate, people still pull out their funds from what in the nearest future would yield them millions, I wonder why people look at the now, and forget the future, they forget the millions they would make tomorrow, I am always feel very upset when someone calls and wants to opt out of the real estate deal, but the people who take the risk now would end up so wealthy in future, so if you are reading this blog and you want to pull out…………please hang on cos its worth the wait….

Hold on………..

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