For over a month there has been a worldwide fuss over the scarcity of food, and this has seen the hike of essential commodity available to the teeming population of the third world population. Recently a bag of Rice that sold for N5,000 last December has moved to over N12,000 and has been unavailable to the poor people; the staple for the regular Nigerian has been only for the rich.

The cyclone that hit part of the Asian countries has made matters worse for the world food condition; there has been starvation in different parts of the world just because the dependency on the Asian countries, there has been a huge neglect of the agricultural sector in most of the third world countries especially Nigeria, Back in the days the economy of Nigeria was been sustained by agriculture before the advent of petroleum, but things turned around when oil was found in Oliobiri, prior to this time, large quantities of groundnut was been exported from Kano, cocoa was a major occupation in the west and oil palm was common in the Delta area of Nigeria, also cotton was been exported from Nigeria in large quantities, but all of a sudden it has all vanished because of diverse attention and the decay of the sector, also note that during this period there was integrity amongst politicians who were in the helms of affairs, but now we see the reverse, killing, blackmail and other social vices are the norms in the society these days.

Recently the president made available over N10 million for importation of food, in other to curb the problem of food scarcity, this situation can be solved if only the right things are done…..what are the things to be done you may ask?……well if the right policies are put in place to see the re-birth of the agricultural sector, things would go back to normal, then the country would not be so hit by the global crisis. Most times I feel this crisis is all politics just as the never ending war in the Middle East that continually enriches those in authority. Now they have invaded into food sector and how all of a sudden there is scarcity for food, who knows what would go scarce soon? Maybe air.

The summary of this is that CORRUPTION has eaten deep and it can only be resolved if we can just look out of the box, and live for others we would meet our goals and the world would be a better place for us to live in.

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  1. damilola balogun

    The hike in staple food:rice is really amasing.only if like u said we look out d box and live 4 others only then can we make our world a better place.

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