Have you ever wondered why only 1% percent of the world’s population enjoy over 96% of the worlds wealth…… have you ever wondered why some people get richer and other grow wretched and beg for food? Why would things you see around you change without it impacting in your life, from all events that happe, you are a spector, you watch people move up, you congratulate a lot of people and nobody applauds you…. That’s because you don’t know the SECRET yet, you are still living in ignorance.

Many years ago, only a few people knew the SECRET of success and they kept it within themselves, making all the money, they became so famous across the land, they distinguished themselves from others with all they had.

These people obeyed one law, they knew what to do, and when to do them, they became conscious of how to live their lives, they proposed things they would do and they became geniuses, check the those wealthy people from history, they had one thing in common, the knowledge of the LAWS OF ATTRACTION.

Whatever you desire, locates you. There is a solution for what you desire, wonder why people are poor, because they focus their energy on how not to fail, then the end result is failure. When you think of poverty, you would definitely grow poor, when you think in the direction of riches, you would definitely grow rich.

Tell you a story of a man who had a habit of cutting pictures of things he desired to get in life and place them on a board, “his vision board”. He cut out his dream house, dream car and placed it on the door, always looking at it and saying he would live in that same house one day. After 4 years he moved from where he was living due to transfer and packed all his stuffs in a box, he got a new house, renovated it and started living a comfortable life with his family, then one day in his study, his son came in and sat on one of the boxes hitting it with his legs, he asked his father dad, what is in this cartoon? “The father answered, the carton is filled with my dream, my future, how I would like to live later in life” He stood up, opened the carton, brought out the board and it was shocking to see that he was living in the exact house he placed on the board. He was true to his dreams, he never knew it till that day, he held the board and broke down in tears.

He had his mind on it and he got it, what do you want in life, place your mind on it, dream it, sleep it, talk it, get attached to it, enjoy it, admire it, live it, then before you know it, it’s yours. Stop expecting negative things, stop thinking about failing as it would locate you, stop thinking about death so it doesn’t pursue you.

From today understand the LAW OF ATTRACTION which proves that whatever you really desire in life would locate you only if you set your mind on it, the method of it coming is none of your business, once the mind can conceive it, the hands can get it.

Dream big, feel big, act big………………………… would be big.


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2 responses to “HOT SECRET

  1. damilola balogun

    yeah,dat’s it.hope others can see this and happe on it.Its a gift you just gave.kip it up.I BET U,am definetely going 2 widen my scope 2 let dis happen big for me.thanks.

  2. Kaygee


    Law of Attraction….

    I was recently reminded about that truth again cos what you think about, you attract. Our thoughts are very powerful but truth is we don’t realize it. It’s not until you say something that it happens; Yes our speech matters but our thoughts are a silent and more powerful force , cos truth is what we think about happens to us even if it’s not in the immediate future, it will definitely happen.How do I know ?I know cos it has happened to me one time too many.

    Still in doubt?

    Try it! But I suggest you think good thoughts so that……you know what I mean.

    Way to go Joe!


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