“Stand in a pool, with water flowing across your ankle, the water that passes you today, you would never see again

Look through time and you would find out that the things you saw years ago, you might never see again, people you meet today you might never meet them again, if you overlook these meetings you might regret later in life. Back in the days, I met a whole lot of people in school and we passed out, I got some numbers and didn’t get some, I obviously over looked these contacts, looking back things have changed a great deal and most of the people are making their mark in different sectors.

I have a friend who currently is a world class model, She won the most beautiful girl Tourism in 2006 and now currently travels round the world for deals, not forgetting the stud that made waves on Idols west Africa, well if you must know we were class mates, and now how has made a mark on his sand and the is an encouragement to his peer, I also remember a friend who always talked about oil firms then in the days and now he is among the team of one of the biggest oil servicing companies going round Africa on offshore drilling. I can’t forget the 2007 Gulder ultimate search held in Jos, Plateau state, a very close friend who was on the verge of making history lost his life, his journey to stardom ended on a sad note.

These are the few I had contact with, there are many out there who I did not connect with but are doing well in different spheres of life. Few days back I received a call from an old school friend saying he saw my site and was impressed on what I am doing, he was so proud of me that he leaves a comment on my site daily.

Where you are today, the things you see you might never see again, people you meet, you might never meet them again so you have to learn how to treasure and keep friendships and acquaintances, those you meet today are to be added to your relationship bank and they would come in handy when help is needed.

Invest in friendship.

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  1. damilola

    That’s true,though its hard 2 kip friends i’ll try least to an xtent i knw wat it is 2 invest in friendship if u get my drift…

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