Woah….for the past 3 years, my team Chelsea has never advanced through the semi final stage of the UEFA champions league, and Liverpool has dealt with Chelsea without pity preventing them from playing the worlds most prestigious club competition,The MAN

I watched yesterday with a racing heartbeat, I was on my feet almost all through the game, It happened that Chelsea scored first and took control of the game, I felt at ease for a while and enjoyed good football which for a long time I have not seen

Then it happened the most dreaded player banged the net, and gave them a crucial away goal . Record holds that liverpool has never scored against Chelsea at home in stamford bridge,Today they broke record and scored 2 goals, also Chelsea booked the ticket to play their first ever UEFA champions league final since existence.

Isreali, chelsea handler broke record as the first coach to take chelsea to the final, Then the big one, since the champions league started, there has never been an all English final…..but it is happening for the first time.

It was indeed a record breaking night for Chelsea yesterday. Lampard who lost the mother 4 days ago, scored a crucial penalty that gave Chelsea a huge advantage..He wept as he celebrated showing the love he had for the departed mother, Record Night indeed, Roman Abramovich would lead his team to his home town and set their eyes on the silver ware at stake….whats at stake for you, what are you set to achieve in life/ It takes nothing big,, but determination…”all things are possible” if only you Believe. You can make it…. It’s in you…search deep.

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