Once upon a time there was a man who felt so good with himself that he always made a boost of his situation, he told all those who cared to hear that he was the best in everything, he wanted to make himself outstanding, in any field.

He came out one day and said he can walk on water…..everybody laughed at him and called him a joker..but of course someone has walked on water before…Jesus..But he never advertised it.

He printed handbills, posters and advertisement materials all over inviting people to the event. Behold the day came and all the villagers were gathered, people from different part of the community and state were there waiting to get a surprise from the man and also to make a mockery of him, reporters were there with big cameras, microphones and ready live television…

Then the man came out fully dressed in his costume, he greeted his fans and headed straight into the river..he took the first step…paused and looked at the spectators, they all smiled as they knew that a river is always shallow at the bank, they he took another step, then another,…then another….then another………..then another……till he walked across the river.

WOAHHH..Whoa people screamed, cameras shuttered, people clapping…asking How did you do it? ….How? He strolled out of the river and met with a huge crowd of reporters and people asking questions.

How did you do it? They asked: He said, you all can work on water……….if only you know where the stones are.

Brilliant…this man has broken barriers, He knew how things worked because of consistent research, he had studied all the techniques of how to walk on water, he took time to calculate the distance and then he made history. What have you not done in your life, you have the power to do all things, but….have you exercised it? Have you taken time to know how to get things done. Most of say we are good musicians but we have never tried singing, we say we are good public speakers…but you never made an attempt to stand up and talk to yourself, until you make that move nothing would work for you, until you stand up and move everything around you would ever be stagnant,

What is that gift you think you have, but you have never tried to utilize it, you have never made an attempt to see what can come out of it. Like precious stones that go through series of refining process before they come out sparkling…so also you need to exercise your gift in order to become the best.



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2 responses to “HAVE YOU EXERCISED IT?

  1. la4la1

    Thanks for getting me started on my course.You’re the best.

  2. emorevoke

    Nice one, i like this story and even though i have heard it before is like i just heard it. good work bro

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