What is network marketing if it isn’t consistency of purpose?

The name of the game is know what you stand for – stand for it – and act in accordance
with it in everything that you do from today until you meet your objective.

The problem is when you’re on the phone all the time getting fed negativity and rejection
even the strongest willed person will have moments of doubt.

But if you can pay yourself along the way to validate what you are doing is the right
thing and you can continue that process until you meet your goals . . .

Then, my friend, you’re on the path to great success.

Always be consistent in your actions, but make sure the things you stand for are things
that you can stand for 10 years from now and you’ll have a winning formula that just can’t fail.

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One response to “NETWORKING

  1. la4la1

    Ride on bro,the word here is consistency.Thanks for the reasurance.Will remember that when faced with doubt.

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