Today, I was given a major responsibility  here in  the office, woah… I realised  that  to whom much is given, much is  expected…although looking through the past months ity has been hectic managing  the 2 deals under my office, I had  tiring afternoons answering calls and attending to members who always have something to complain about.

We had a meeting and everybody unanimously  handed over the deals admin to me, when I was thinking that I was not doing a very good job in the department, I was actually impressing them, I made up my mind that no matter what you are doing, be the best put in your everything as you don’t know where your strenght would be needed and in what capacity.

Also when I was making up my mind on the way forward I got a call from a man far away in Port-Harcourt who works in one of the oil servicing firms, asking for my help to manage a new concept which he has on ground, he needed me to consult for me and strategies for him on possible ways to tip his concept, I was astonished and at same time not surprised at this because my boss told us that in a short while we would be getting calls from people seeking our help for different things, at first I felt it was a way to make us work harder but all of a sudden it all started making sense, I have been receiving calls from different people asking for one assistance….small me…it’s worth the stress,

We are expected to make ridiculous financial target every week not knowing how to go about it but indeed I have met that target consistently over the weeks and most times I wonder how I did it but it was always done. I made up my mind to do it and opportunities opened up for me.

We were made to work as hard as machines, we were giving targets with fine penalties, and we struggled to keep on track and meet our targets although we used all means, competition was a healthy one, but the purpose was achieved and we are near our target….our tipping point.

Know where you are headed, know what you want, set your goals and work toward it…it is achievable.

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  1. la4la1

    can’t beat dat.thanks at least you motivated me into working towards achieveing my goals.thanks once again.

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