I was on google today, trying to find out more about myself and I got a whole lot of replies especially from my blog and comments on several blogs where I have placed a comment, I was amazed at the speed I was going and I knew it would not be soon before my name would be seen on ever site on  the internet.

Then suddenly something popped out and I saw my name in a letter apparently sent to someone far from here for financial assistance, and there it state that I am the BRANCH MANAGER, intercontinental commercial bank Accra, also attached was an email address, which I have never seen or ever used. I sat for a while to think what this was all about and found out that no matter what you try to do to create a good picture aboiut things there  people who want by all means to DESTROY your personality.

I am Osodi Joseph Chukwuekwu, and I am a new breed  Nigerian,  with  a purpose, a Nigerian that  wants to see the dream of a better tomorrow work out, we have a dream to create a NEW NIGERIA thus we are driving the new Nigeria club. http://www.newnigeriaclub.net/vision2015.

I distance myself from that letter and that Joseph Ekwu.  I have never being been to Ghana and I am not into banking in any sort. This mail is definitely a SCAM and should be disreagrded.

Let us bring our brains together to build a better Nigeria where everything works, where you would get what you need at anytime at a good price and without stress, this is where my energy has been directed into over the months.

WE HOPE FOR A BETTER NIGERIA IN 2020,….it is possible it begins form here…from me and you…where do you stand and what do you stand for?

Ask yourself.

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  1. That is horrible that someone would you use your name. Yes, we hope for a better Nigeria.

    The Vision 2020 plan…I’ve heard a lot about it but not enough details. Do you have any info or know where I can look?

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