Hello, welcome to the most informative blog, here I would be giving you the most current information on venture capital…stocks, shares, history and how they are performing in the market

(1) Longman press Plc—Incorporated in 1961,and was listed in 1996, has its financial year as December 31, as at today, its closing price was N27.73k. Ijewere is the chairman, Obiadegwu is the CEO of the company. UPplc has an outstanding share of about 813,730,500

(2) University press plc— University press Plc was founded in 1949 under the name Oxford University Press Nigeria, and has grown to become one of the oldest, most experienced and the nation’s foremost Publishers of materials for educational and general reading. At incorporation as a Public Liability Company in 1978, the company’s name was changed to University Press Limited with an authorized share capital of 8,000,000 Ordinary shares of 50k each.
Quoted on the Nigeria Stock Exchange on 14th August 1978, UPPLC has, o two occasions, won the prestigious Stock Exchange Merit Award in the service sector of quoted companies. It also won for two consecutive years 1984 and 1985, the concord Prize for Excellence in academic publishing. lowest price date is September 8 2006, highest price date June 28 2007, last sale was N12.60k,

Board of directors Mr Lekan Are- Chairman, Samuel Kolawole- MD, M.O Akinleye- Director

(3) Nigeria Aviation Handling Company Plc is the leading handling company in aviation industry, providing services to 25 of the 35 airlines operating in the country. Its principal activities revolve round: passenger and baggage handling at the four international airports in Nigeria; cargo handling services through it’s customers bonded warehouses and mail handling through postal authorities; and ground handling services. NAHCO, listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange in November 2006, emerged the company that has rewarded investors most in the last 52 weeks. In less than 52 weeks, the stock has given a total return of 1127% (dividend and bonus inclusive). In spite of the extremely generous bonus it awarded its investors, the market confidence for good prospects in NAHCO remains strong as the stock is already trading above the marked-down price of N26.10.

(4) Africa academy press plc– began commercial printing in Dec. 1965 and was incorporated in 1970, now has a total of over 201.6 million shares issued at N6.51k, its maximum price is N6.51k, Executive director is Bashir Animashun, The shares are doing well in the market.

These are some of the information that are handy for you all, looking forward to sending more information.

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