Today opportunities surrounds us and just a few want to invest, we all know that if you sow a  seed today, you would reap  fruits tomorrow, most people prefer to stay on their own and save the money they earn today, they  prefer to sit on their cash instead of investing, taking a risk is too risky for them.

Last December, we had several opportunities open for people to invest in, to take advantage of, but just a few  people bought into this, we sent out e-mails and made phone calls to people hoping they would invest and multiply their cash, but they stayed away form the offers, example was the land deal which NNC secured for members and only those who have the eye for the future bought into it others said so many things to shy away from it and now the land has appreciated far over 100% and all they say is oooopssss, yeah thats what they say, but I am pleased to inform you that several times you would either stick your head out orcontinue soliloquizing to your self  ooppppsss.

More opportunities would come out and it is left to those of us who refused to invest then to tap in now, Introducing the New Nigeria City, where everything would work where you can turn on a switch at anytime of the day and light comes on…where you can turn on the tap and water comes rushing out, a city free of all crimes and social vices, where you can feel like you are at home, it would come out soon and you would have another chance to buy into the future, and make the best for yourself.

Also private placements have come and we told the world about it, if you a regular here, bet you cannot afford top miss out on hot details about current opportunities, so log on and stay in touch

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One response to “GROWTH

  1. lola

    hello ekwu,
    pls do keep us reliably informed coz i wont want to miss out on be part of the new breeds of nigerians who believe in the land.

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