Life is a series of unfolding events from the day we are born to the day we breath our last, how would you live through your time on earth, knowing it is a time where every event counts and you get to tell your own story.
I have had many times when I tell myself that anything I do would be my CV, I take my time to plan myself, I am not in any way perfect, and not faultless, but in life I am responsible for all my actions and what I do resounds in future.

Lately I was found wanting on Integrity issues although it was just what I thought was harmless, but if it was not checked, I was going to pay in time for it, my colleagues also fell victim of this harmless intent but when I was told of the consequences in a long run I knew it wold be better to face today knowing that nothing was going to hold you anywhere soon, today I am a mirror of what people should look like, from where I stand now I see a bright future for my peer, I read newspapers and magazines but nothing seems to catch my glimpse and make me want to sigh for relieve, I take my time to think …what if everybody was just like me? what if things where done the way we really want them?, Then we would be living in our dreams, where gold would be on the roads, and diamond would surround the culverts of roads. It takes only one person to start an epidermic of any sort, JUST ONE PERSON, it could be you, I and my colleagues are starting the New Nigeria where everything would work, a Nigeria we BELIEVE in not a Nigeria we would be leaving, wouldn’t you rather join us? Make your mark on the sands of time, where would you be years from now? what would you be know for? would you be remembered for the good things or the bad things? I for one would be remembered for the BEST things in Nigeria. if you are reading this blog, I bet you should start deciding what you want to be known for , It’s our time to rule.

What would you be known for?

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One response to “TOMORROW

  1. hi, nice blog…
    tomorrow,tomorrow…i’ll do everything tomorrow…
    funny that tomorrow hasnt even been promised to me…
    funny people dont even want to think about death and the after life…
    do what you have to do NOW…before its to late

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