Most times in life we find ourselves in positions where our integrity is questionable, we do things that would naturally bring suspicions to us, but in the light of life you must ask yourself, is it worth it?
I write this post in response to series of events happening around, I found out that most people act in pretense in situations.
People tend to abuse privileges, when they find themselves in position , they misuse the opportunity, Where you are today is a picture of what would become of you in a few days, when you trample on other people, definitely tables would turn around and things would be the other way, Let us learn to accommodate people, learn to trust and respect other peoples ideas.

I learnt that things we do today under authority, we would actually pay for them,

I tell a story of a man who was put in position by friends and colleagues, he got up to the peak of his career stepping on peoples legs,
He forgot all those that placed him there, he took decisions to favour only himself,he dealt wickedly with other people and made enemies instead of friends, and when he feel into trouble with the community, he looked for help from the people who he betrayed and everyone left him. He became an island, He lost everythimg he had, friends, money and fame.

What we learn here is that things we do when we are in position echo’s back in future and when we need help we could look out for those who we have helped as one good turn deserves another. Love your neighbour as yourself and do good to all.


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