Woah………coming out of a meeting  with my boss and a few colleagues, apparently the land we bought in December has appreciated over 300% that has just made me a MILLIONAIRE,  yeah you heard me right, at an early age, I have joined the club of Millionaires waiting to take over Naija, ready to make an impact in the world, well only recently Aliko Dangote was named among 500 billionaires in Africa, well just yesterday I was named among the youngest millionaires in Nigeria, and still eager to aim high.

Being among the youngest  millionaires makes me work harder than I expected because staying there demands a lot.  I made up my mind that I would never live a mediocre life, not take anything just because I want it, I rather go for the best that is within my reach. Most of my friends that heard about the NEW NIGERIA CLUB, either laughed or made fun of me, but now I guess a few of them reading this blog would have their jaws on the floor, and would soliloquies to themselves…”I wish I knew”.

Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly….is POOR. this happens to most people, they seem to know so much about so little and they are quick to criticize, well if you fall into this class of people, it’s not too late you can start now, join the train of Billionaires in the making and improve yourself, create a bright future for yourself, take the risk of investing, as you are not so certain what tomorrow would look like and the blessings it holds for us.

The secret of getting rich is asking, where ever you are reading this blog from, seek for information and I bet that you are on your way to undefined wealth.



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2 responses to “NEWS FLASH

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  2. mobolajiseriki

    Way to go millionaire…..

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