There are times when things seem to scare you……….

I woke up today after the rally and so tired, my phone rang and as I answered I knew that today was going to be another fulfilled day, I got up and had my bath, went to the venue and helped with arranging the hall and making sure everything goes on as planned, when we were finished, the hall was looking like it.

I made for the airport to pick up our guest speaker, Gbenga sesan, who was coming in from Lagos, the mention of his name sent thrills to them as they looked anxiously at any vehicle that pulled up in the venue. Then he arrived, and the venue  came agog with screams, and as he was introduced to the podium, he got a rousing welcome. As he started, the students were glued to their seats as he poured out the words of wisdom and encouragement and motivation.

He told them the essence of having a life, and making a living from doing legitimate business, on schedule he was to speak for just 30 minutes, but due to the concentration of the students that he forgot that he had a flight to catch in 30 minutes, he finally finished and we made out for the airport, due to the delay, we met the flight taking off as we got there, it was a frustrating sight as he had an engagement in Lagos that night.

We immediately set out for Port-Harcourt where another flight is set to leave for Lagos by 5.30pm, we drove as fast as we could in an executive taxi, although the ride was good, I was under pressure as I was in charge of the seminar and everything was going on without me. We made it to Port-Harcourt and on arrival we met with  a long queue of vehicles apparently a hold up was brewing, a terrible accident had occurred. We stayed in the hold up for over 2 hours and he missed his flight too and at this time there was no provision for accommodation, feeding and we were stranded, I was confused, I missed the seminar which was my priority, and our guest speaker was stranded, I resorted to giving him my ATM card for his personal use and headed back to Owerri.

I got into Owerri at about 10pm and I was so tired but I rushed to see  the organizers and know what happened when I left
and from stories and pictures it was a huge success, we got 2 sign-ups and many people talk with plans to join.

The purpose of the seminar was to pass the message of the NEW NIGERIA  to the  youths who hold the future of this nation. The picture of a re-birth of the greater Nigeria, the most desirable nation in the world come 2020,  Let’s put our heads together and start a revolution of change.. it’s time…..

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