As I write this post, I’m on board a virgin Nigeria flight en-route Lagos –Owerri, and I must say this is the most  wonderful experience I have had in my life, as a first timer I enjoyed the flight from the beginning to the end, when most people slept all through the flight, I keep looking out of the window and savoring the beauty of nature.

I am on my way to Owerri for a seminar in IMSU, New Naija reloaded presents “Great opportunities seminar” for the staff and students, throughout  the trip, I had it behind my mind that I was going there to make an impact, to pull the crowd and pass a new message, as we are always told that we are candles that are meant to light other candles and start a new light, I was thinking about what I would talk about as I was meant to give a peep talk.

We landed  at about 1 pm and went straight to the accommodation we would stay, then from there we went into the campus for the mini rally, and to my surprise a crowd of students were waiting for us, as we highlighted, we were welcomed with a big shout, then I knew that the epidemic  has started, they all adored the New Nigeria shirt fully crested with their names on them, I knew once that it has started, they were so happy to see me, we talked, went to departments and to lecturers, the rally was simply a show of class, we made an impression, even when most of them didn’t know about the club, they felt so free to mingle. “NEW NIAJA” they all shouted and dancing round the van, I was happy but one thing remained a source of joy, these are the target class of people as they would lead the NEW NIGERIA.

Today ended well as I got inside and had a brainstorming session with a few of the crew on how to make a huge success of this event, touch lives and pass the message.

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