My life has been a series of  unfolding events, from my days in school to NYSC, to days of job hunting, I have known that your tomorrow is a product of your today well spent. I had this ideology  that  whatever you do today would always reflect later in life, I have had so many experiences in life as growing up, I have done some things that most people would not think of, rolling with the mean trying to find a life, there was a time when I had to look after my house as things were falling apart.

I had to become what I was not,but this gave me a feel of responsibility when I knew that I had people looking up to me, but I will never forget the Chick in my life then, she did everything to sustain us, she helped in a lot of ways doing things out of place, most times when we ate she would leave her food for us knowing well that there might not be any food for her to eat that day but she persevered……

I remember the days when I hadn’t money to go out and mingle with my friends, she was always there to help out even when it means taking from someone. But most times I ask myself why she keeps doing these things for me, when I know deep inside of me that I would not be able to pay her back no matter how much love I promise her, all the good words that I speak to her most times frightens me because I promise so much.

Times when we were driven from school for lack of payment of lesson dues, I got home feeling really angry as my pals were learning and I was home doing nothing..she would go all out to look for money enough if it means borrowing from her friends just to make me happy, I was honoured loving her and getting this much love from her and I have committed myself to loving her, I made those promises on a concrete premise and I intend to uphold them.

Know today that this beautiful,loving lady is the most caring person on earth, she has made me what I am today,I know she has laid a good foundation for me, I am happy i have the sweetest MUM on earth, she has been through a lot, and I owe you so much,I would do everything within and beyond my powers for you, just to make you happy


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