Things have happened in my short time on earth, that are worth remembering, I can recall my days in the university and the days I was trying to meet up with the trends of time, I was a boy that had never had friends of my age group, I grew up in the midst of older guys and I knew most things early enough not to be a novice, I was well known in the university when I was still a secondary school student, I knew more than my peer group, I learnt so many things when I was growing up, I knew all the tricks of surviving in the roughest of all waters, I knew what it takes to woo chicks as my friends where all guys.

Then it got to a time  when they all graduated and I was left  in school, I felt so out  of place and made frantic efforts to look for friends of my class not age, and I found a few of them but coincidentally there reasoned like my peer group, I never intended to make them feel bad, but there was no helping it, I sometimes dissed them because we are not on the same page and we conflict on ideas a few times,

But all the same we were friends, in life you meet with a whole lot of people who most times are not what you bargained for, what do you do in this situation? do you diss them or you just flow along with them? If you flow along, where is your destination? Know that our ticket for a good tomorrow is a today well spent and if you utilize your today well, you are sure that your future is secure,make available opportunities and let them know that things are happening and you set out for NEW NAIJA.

I believe in a the New dream that all things would work in np time and that our own NAIJA would soon be the greatest, and most desirable come 2020, the race starts now, I have seen a whole lot of bad things during my little time in the Niger-Delta, I learnt how to survive the hard way,growing up in a family of six, my parents had a hitch in their finances and this almost dragged the family to a halt, I did some things to make sure we don’t halt, we kept rolling even when this was not working, I put my heads down looking for the opportunity to get my family to survive the test of time, today we have made it compulsory to face any storm as It comes, and build an Integrity network, It starts now, all you are required to possess to drive the New Nigeria is INTEGRITY. So you are expected to make this work, join the new

Welcome to a brilliant Nigeria,

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