I settle into the night after a hard days job, and a cold bath to refresh my brain and reminisce about things that happened today, I have a cold bottle of water by my side  and  my laptop on my thighs, it’s time to tell you how things unfolded today.

Firstly I got to the office and started from where I stopped yesterday, I responded to mails I had on deals and I went on to attend to people who came for a complaint or something, then  I went out to attend to other issues,

I got back in and checked my mail and got a surprise mail from a lady in New Zealand, whoa I exclaimed, she told me she saw my posts on one of the Nigerian forums where I placed an advert for purchase of e-gold, and she felt she should get to know the person, she sent me mail asking a lot of questions trying to gain trust in me because we are about to do business together, I read from her tone that she has had issues trusting Nigerians in business because of the  ways they behave and carry out business. She told me she has never met anyone like me as she has only known me online and he has gained confidence in us. She told me it’s surprising to know that there are still a few Nigerian who have so much drive and passion for success. She made me feel so good, It was an encouragement that meant so much to me.

I sent her a mail to acknowledge her comment and immediately she replied and told me that the way I write, the confidence, passion and the authority I carry, I talked to her about the New Nigeria club, our Vision, Mission, and objectives  what we stand for, our  target population and where we are headed. I became a big picture of change and she instantly accepted the dream of  a better Nigeria and wants to participate fully in nation building,  I must tell you that I was very honoured that that I made someone’s passion  come alive, and with this medium I have been able to begin an epidemic of change….a social change.

This mail made my morning.

I later went to UNILAG for a youth re-orientation seminar  and when we got there, because of our unique outfits, we were given everything we wanted was given to us at once, we got  a stand and we began business, talking to the ushers, they gave us free  hands to operate, and soon we got down to  registering attendance of people who would join the New Nigeria club, surprisingly the target group which is the youth were given us audience, we talked to some and they were so interested in the club and hails those that thought about this DREAM, we got a red carpet welcome and good introduction.

I achieved my  goal today and I am satisfied with myself,I am a candle that would ignite other candle and bring light into the world.”

I dedicate this post to you,……… M. Obiakor.  

Thank you.

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