Friends are those group of people who believes so much in you, those who you share a lot with, a friend is one that stands by you in times of trouble, when things are looking good and when the worse happens, I have had a whole lot of friends in my life time because I am a very social person, I have seen a good variety of people, those who dust your shoes when they are in front of you, those that say only the best tings about you when they need a favour from you, friends sometimes could be your worse enemies as they can stab you where it really hurts.

I remember my growing up days, when i met my best friends, they came into my school in J.S 2, two brothers who would pass for friends anytime, they did everything together, they were inseparable, we met, introduced ourselves and as usual set out to play football, we had fun on our first day of acquaintance, they followed me home that day to know where I live. The next day we met in class and chose a seat in class that was almost joined so that we would always be able to pass small comments in class and disturb.(lol).

We got so close that after close of session, I would go over to visit for a few days as our families became familiar,then coincidentally they always sent Christmas near my house so we would always be together, for the celebration and those period was fun filled as we would tour round the town with our parents car which was apparently snuck out of the house, we knew we would get into trouble doing this but it didn’t matter much as we live just for the now to satisfy our immediate wants.

University days took us apart as I went to a different school, but that not withstanding I were always in contact, I remember one day in school,  just got in from lectures and I was really tired, I laid down to rest and all of a sudden my door burst open and i saw this two guys with traveling bags grinning sheepishly, I stood up in surprise and mustered “what are you doing here”. I knew they were supposed to be in school, they gave me an answer that if i were their parents I would smack the heaven out of them, we had no choice than to overcome the tiredness in me and gist at length with them. We talked and talked, went into town to relax as it was customary to do this, they would not only come alone they would come with an array of followers (lol),and it is my responsibility to take care of them , which means I have to sacrifice my weekly pay to feed them,(this is the part i hated the most), but I didn’t have a say because they would drive you nuts if you don’t give them what the want, they were impossible.

After school we still kept in touch and we always doing things as usual, it took us a while to take the bold step to getting something to do,we were satisfied with our regular life of grooving, until one of the three guys left for service and after that got a job, it dawned on us that it was time to step up, then my other friend left for Lagos, I went for service and when I came back they had stepped up, I was so happy because back in the days we fantasized about the future and now it’s coming real. This is real FRIENDSHIP and we just started, it would even get better.

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