Stars are heavenly bodies that are unique in their own way, they have different characteristics and posses different powers, the stars all shine, but they have their different ways of shining, our lives must radiate different brilliance, there is a reason why people should be excited when they see you, because you an outstanding star, you have being designed to be an object of admiration. The moon, the star, the sun are so beautiful we want to understand how they work. If you would radiate and glow the full glory that God has destined for your life you would be an object of research, people should want to know what makes you shine, what is working for you, you are a model you were not designed for mediocrity, you were not designed for shame, rather you were designed for success, you are not destined for poverty, no matter what goes on today, you are meant to stand out, you are a marvel, because you are Gods product you are a masterpiece, you are Gods handiwork.

Most of us today live a mediocre life, we believe in excuses, we find an excuse for every situation, they refuse to take responsibility for their lives, I listened to a speaker who said that

a ship that has not set its sail will be thrown away by the prevailing wind

Most people don’t have direction for their lives, they don’t know where they are headed, most people draw their foundation on rough sheets, meanwhile magnificent structures are built on well laid out plans. Excuses are monuments for fools. We choose our future, people do not define what they want in life, they settle for the next thing that comes their way. The only limitations we have in life are those we place on ourselves, we accept defeat even before we venture, we fear to take risk; fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. We embrace poverty without trying to change our situation, we believe that our fore fathers have survived even under this condition, so we too can do it,.

Unless we paint a wild picture in our imaginations, we can never live it, dream dreams, get vision, loose your imagination, do the extra ordinary, say something’s that would make people feel you are proud. Dreams are made of unrealistic stuff, if it was reality it would not have been a dream, what makes it a dream is the fact that it is not yet a realitygo ahead and dream, be unrealistic, let your imagination fly, let loose. Make history in your brain, build skyscrapers in your imagination, be dissatisfied with where you are now, refuse to live in little, and do not give excuses for poverty, be outstanding in what you do, all stars differ from another, shine your shine. Accept the standard God has set for you, shoot for excellence, be outstanding. ITS IN YOU.

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  1. Yinka Martins

    I liked this piece so much …..maybe cos i really like to plan stuff….write visions down and run with them.

    We all have limited ourselves.
    1) By not dreaming big dreams, for those who dream at all.
    2) By seeing what will go wrong first before even starting out.
    I look back now on the things that i wrote in my “vision book” back in my high school days. Most of them By God’s grace ofcourse and a couple of carrying them over to the next year have eventually become realities. I had some pictures of what i wanted(real pictures from mags)
    My point dream big dreams, and follow them through, put the pictures in your face continually and in your mind. Soon you will become your dream.You will get there.

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