14th February is always a memorable date for youths and all those who believe in love, this day people buy presents in large quantities, most people patronize fast food outlets and there is always a long queue when you get into these outlets,

People use this opportunity to send goodwill messages to their loved ones and those who they care about, I am at the office today as usual and lots of mails to attend to not forgetting phone calls I have to receive and make. I was so busy I forgot what was going down today, 2 doors away from mine, I heard screams and when I looked I saw my colleague unwrapping a present sent to her from a friend, as if they let everything loose all at once, gifts came pouring in from different angles and it was a carnival of wrapping sheets, I had to take a break and look around, I then remembered that I had not gotten a present for my val, I immediately dashed into the elevator and hit the street, to my greatest surprise the whole road was painted love which I understand is the official colour for the day, notable figures were reporters going around asking people what they think about the day, cars driving fast and peeping into the rear seat you find a gift set or something obviously concealed under wrap sheet. I walked into the shopping mall and a bee hive of people in their youth shopping and the boost of sale was noticed in the confectionery stores and gift shops.

There was obviously a hike in prices of gifts and confectioneries I stop to think why this is very common during period of festivity.

I closed early today as we were given the opportunity to take today off and relax with those we love, driving back home I noticed that people were either rushing home or were seen at different joints drinking or eating, one thing remains certain that we all need love and if we can actually live together like this and exchange gifts, send goodwill messages to people who we care for, world would be a better place free of all social vices, free of pain free of sin, we all need love to survive and this is GODs greatest commandment love your neighbour as yourself I bet this world would blossom if we all share love.

I wish valentine day would be every day..OH I WISH!

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